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Technical Highlights

    Advanced performance indicators, high reliability, core components to achieve 100% domestic.

    Highly integrated design to achieve ultrahigh system power density.

    Precise control strategy and high-efficiency thermal management system design to ensure the safety and continuous operation of system under all working condition.

    Integrated NODS monitoring technology to realize online diagnosis of system health status.

    Software and hardware are developed according to the functional safety design process to ensure the high safety of the system.

    The system strictly follows the V model development process and completely covers the design requirements and test verification requirements.

Performance parameters





Stack peak power

120 kW

Maximum system efficiency

60 %

Stack power density

>3.2 kW/L

System power density

700 W/L

System peak power

95 kW

System life

5000 h

Rated power of system

64 kW

Cold start temperature of system