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Our innovation:

FTXT Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is paving the path towards a future of zero-emission, sustainable energy solutions. FTXT focuses on the R&D, production, and sales of hydrogen fuel cell systems.
Looking forward, FTXT innovations will bring internationally competitive hydrogen fuel cell products to market including high performance membrane electrodes, high power density stacks, high efficiency fuel cell engines, high pressure on-board hydrogen storage tanks, and more.

Our team:

FTXT has an international team located around the globe including Canada, China, Germany, and Japan. FTXT’s advanced multicultural research and development team is planned to quickly grow to 1000+ employees. Currently, there are more than 400 individuals including 53 established professionals with over 10 years of experience in the fuel cell industry and related fields.

Our process:

Our international locations form a cohesive research and development system, which follows the V model process to build vehicle-level fuel cell power systems and components. Our main products cover fuel cell engines, stacks, 35MPa/70MPa on-board hydrogen systems, on tank valves, pressure regulators, and more.

Our history:

After three years of development, FTXT was established on April 25, 2019, by Great Wall Holding Group with a capital of 70 million USD. Since, FTXT has grown rapidly, opening branches worldwide to become an internationally competitive high-tech enterprise, focused on developing market-oriented hydrogen fuel cell technology. ”

Key Developments or FTXT Progress

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