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Demands Background

FTXT Energy provides high performance and cost-effective comprehensive solutions for hydrogen power systems to apply in the field of passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, rail transit, and other fields in the full scene and full working conditions.


FTXT Energy provides cost-effective comprehensive solutions for hydrogen power systems to meet 40kw-400+kw grade net power customization requirements
Application scenariosForklift, terminal logistic vehicle, light sanitation vehicleSanitation platform vehicle, passenger vehicle, logistics vehicle, bus

Branch line logistics vehicle, medium-duty truck, large-sized bus, dump truck, mixer truck

Mainline logistics vehicle, heavy-duty trucks, special heavy vehicle, rail transit
Fuel cell system~40kW80kW~100kW110kW~200kW>200kW
Hydrogen storage system35MPa/70MPa hydrogen storage capacity can be customized to meet the mileage requirements of different application scenarios; The output flow rate controlled by the autonomous flow control valve group can meet the flow requirements of the different power of the hydrogen supply system
Product featuresLow operation noise, high safety protection, and fast filling speedZero emission, low noise, low transportation cost, and high safety protection

High energy conversion efficiency, high energy density, high recharge speed, stable operation

The whole process is a "network-free" operation, low transportation costs, and high energy conversion efficiency

Application Examples