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Based on the industry characteristics, development stage and management mode, the company designs and builds an internal control system according to the COSO model, including the internal control system of financial reporting, to ensure that the main risks of the business process are identified and the control points corresponding to the risks are effectively established and described in detail.

The company will continue to improve the internal control management system, on the basis of changes in business development needs, strengthen the supervision and inspection of the implementation of internal control, continuously optimize the company's business processes and internal control environment, establish and effectively implement internal control, provide reasonable guarantees for the authenticity and fairness of the company's operation and management, asset security, financial reports and related information, further improve the overall level of corporate governance, consolidate the company's high-quality development, and promote the realization of the company's development strategy.

The company is committed to advocating and maintaining the corporate culture of integrity and anti-corruption. We have formulated a code of conduct to clarify the basic standards that executives and employees must abide by in the company's business behaviors, and routinely organize training and signing for all employees to ensure that they read, understand and follow. The company has initially established a modern corporate governance structure, including Shareholders’ Meeting, the board of directors, functional departments and management teams at all levels, with clear authorization and explicit accountability mechanisms. In terms of organizational structure, we have clarified the separation of powers and responsibilities for each organization to monitor and balance each other. The vice president of investment and financing is responsible for the internal control management of the whole company. The internal control management department reports the defects and improvements to the company's management and assists in the construction of the internal control environment. The internal audit department independently supervises and evaluates the control status of all business activities of the company.