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FTXT Participated in the Research Project and Won the First Prize of Innovation Award of China Invention Association, which was Praised by Many Academicians

Source:FTXT  |  Release time:2022-04-06  |  Views:3917


FTXT participated in the project "Key Technology Research and Industrialization of" Electric hybrid "Power System of New Energy Vehicles in Low Temperature Environment", and won the first prize of "Innovation Award" of 2021 China Invention Association.

At present, the technical achievements of this project have been promoted and applied in many new energy enterprises, with an increased output value of more than 3 billion yuan and a profit of more than 300 million yuan in the past three years. The smooth implementation of this project is not only a demonstration of FTXT's technological innovation and r&d capacity, but also of great significance for promoting energy conservation and emission reduction in China's transportation sector and accelerating the realization of the "dual carbon target".