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Chinese commercial vehicle mainstream media visited FTXT Energy

Source:FTXT  |  Release time:2022-09-08  |  Views:877


On September 8, a seminar on the theme of hydrogen-fueled commercial vehicle multi-scenario applications was held at FTXT Energy and Chinese commercial vehicle mainstream media visited FTXT Energy


The "media group" consisting of more than 20 mainstream Chinese commercial vehicle media from all over the country visited FTXT Energy to learn more about the strategic layout and technological innovation in the field of hydrogen energy and fuel cell. Besides, they want to have a deep understanding of technical breakthroughs achieved in these fields for commercial use.


Under the background of the dual carbon strategy, hydrogen fuel cell technology, as an important task to achieve "zero carbon transportation", is a major strategic direction for the world's energy and power transformation. As the pioneer of the hydrogen fuel cell industry in China, FTXT Energy has over 20 years of experience in hydrogen fuel cell technology. It is our duty to carry out the mission and responsibility of the new era.