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Technical Highlights

    Self-developed new generation of metal plate water-cooled stack with high power density and completely domestic key components (BPP and MEA).

    Compact structure design with volume power density of stack > 4kW/L, volume power density of stack module (including enclosure) > 2kW /L, good carrying capacity and flexible layout in engine room.

    High safety, strong environmental adaptability, low temperature resistant design, and optimized low temperature cold start strategy which can adapt to -30℃ start.

    Adopting advanced flow field design, high density MEA technology and modular design, the designed life of passenger vehicle stack ≥7000h, which meets the passenger vehicle demand of 200,000 km, the designed life of commercial vehicle stack≥10000h, which can be customized according to customer demand.

    High compatibility single cell CVP with clip design which can realize the voltage signal acquisition of every single cell or every two single cells inspection and can monitor the running state of the stack in real time.

    Adopting domestic first-class AI intelligent stacking and assembling production line, to ensure the consistency, high precision and mass production of products.

Performance parameters





Peak power

150 kW

Stack   volume power density

4.2 kW/L

Rated power

139 kW

Cold start temperature


Voltage range

136~407 V

Service life

7000h,10%   performance degradation

Current range

0~600 A

Functional safety level



649×523×212 mm

It   can simultaneously expand a series of products such as 120kW, 100kW and 80kW