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  • Full stack integration

    Full stack integration

    integration design;  stack integration;  integration test;  simulation test

  • Stack test

    Stack test

    test scheme; test verification; component test; simulation test

  • Parts offering

    Parts offering

    parts design; parts production; parts supply; parts test

  • Power platform

    Power platform

    FCS integration; platform scheme; platform integration; platform simulation

OEM services

FTXT has not only accumulated a lot of design and production practices, but also established an internationally leading 5G intelligent production line of 5000 sets of stack, which can provide trial manufacturing and OEM services according to customer requirements. Its business activities include:

Technology authorization and transfer

The FTXT license program provides access to patents and patent applications, trade secrets, and knowledge of designs, test methods, and manufacturing processes. Projects can be tailored to the needs of strategic partners. Common forms of license include: