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Protecting the Safety of Hydrogen Energy: Reveal the Explosion Test of Vehicle High Pressure Hydrogen Storage Cylinder Valve.
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When refers to hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, the “safety “is an inevitability question.

As we all know, hydrogen fuel cell technology is not popular in China. Hydrogen may leak and explode in the process of preparation, storage, transportation, refueling and use.


As an indispensable part of fuel cell vehicles, hydrogen storage system is one of the important factors affecting the safety and overall stability of fuel cell vehicles. Hydrogen storage system is mainly composed of high-pressure tank valve, pressure regulator, type hydrogen tank and other parts. As a key part of the hydrogen storage system, the high-pressure tank valve has the function of sealing the tank and controlling the gas. Once it occurs the problem in regard to safety and quality, the normal use of the hydrogen storage system and fuel cell vehicles will be affected.