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FTXT and BAIC FOTON Speeds Up Deepening Cooperation
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Nov. 20, 2020, Qin Zhidong, vice president of BAIC FOTON and president of FOTON iBlue New Energy, visited FTXT. Zhang Tianyu, chairman of FTXT, and Chen Xuesong, president of FTXT and heads of relevant departments participated in the exchange activity.


The two parties held warm exchange on policy orientation of fuel cell vehicle demonstration pilot, and jointly discussed the application of key market orientation, scenario research and product supporting joint demonstration and promotion. Under the background of China’s hydrogen fuel cell demonstration pilot policy, how to carry out the demonstration and application of new technologies and new products, lead the technological innovation breakthrough of the industry, explore the business model innovation, further improve the technical economy, and form an industrial ecosystem of strong alliance has become a topic of common concern for both parties.

Zhang Tianyu, chairman of FTXT, expressed a warm welcome to Mr. Qin and his team. He believes that BAIC FOTON is the largest commercial vehicle enterprise with the most complete variety in China. It has maintained the No.1 position in production and sales volume of commercial vehicle for many years, especially in the field of new energy commercial vehicle with complete product line, independent research and development and master “Three-electro technologies”, and fully cover the technical routes of pure electric, hydrogen fuel cell and plug-in hybrid. It is the leading enterprise in commercial vehicle industry. As a hydrogen energy and fuel cell enterprise hatched by GWM, the national automobile brand has mastered key core technologies through four measures, such as establishing research and development system at the vehicle stand level and establishing completed testing and evaluating system, and is expected to create good products and build industrial ecology with BAIC FOTON, and lead technical innovation and demonstration promotion application of fuel cell vehicle.

During the meeting, vice president Qin expressed his thanks to FTXT for their warm reception. The two teams conducted in-depth exchange on the policy environment for the development of fuel cell vehicle industry, the application scenarios for the cooperation of the demonstration urban agglomeration, the innovation and promotion of product technology and the construction of industrial ecosystem.

Both sides agreed that the policy system of fuel cell vehicle demonstration pilot has been relatively complete, the problems and obstacles in the industry are being solved at an accelerated pace, the application scenarios and business models are gradually becoming clear, and the comprehensive impact of air pollution control policy and public service promotion policy in new energy vehicle has created a good development environment for the industry and formed new development opportunities. The two sides will work hand in hand to study and explore appropriate scenario application and business models, working together and cooperate closely, and achieve outstanding technological innovation and application results in the trend of large-scale competition of demonstration pilot urban agglomeration, so as to contribute to the successful construction of fuel cell vehicle demonstration pilot.