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The Third Session of the 2019 Working Group on Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle was Held in Great Wall Holding Group
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At the meeting, He Yuntang, senior engineer of China Automotive Technology Research Center, and Wang Zhikun, vice President of FTXT delivered speeches respectively. The meeting was hosted by Lan Hao, engineer of China Automotive Technology Research Center. 


During the meeting, the working group discussed in detail the draft contents of fuel cell electric vehicle safety, low temperature cold start test method, engine performance test method and so on. After the meeting, the working group visited the hydrogen technology center. In there, they visited the temperature and humidity laboratory, type hydrogen tank material and trial production laboratory, environmental vibration laboratory, hydrogen circle and permeability laboratory, hydraulic fatigue and explosion laboratory and related laboratory. Experts had a detailed understanding of the hydrogen energy industrial chain layout of FTXT and spoke highly of it.