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Tang Haifeng, Vice President of Great Wall Motor and Chairman of FTXT: The Technology Route for Hydrogen Energy Infrastructure Construction Should be Chosen by the Market and Users
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How to make up the shortcomings of new energy vehicle infrastructure construction? 

Tang Haifeng said, "At present, we are facing the transition from traditional energy to new energy, which is the demand of the country and society. New Energy is more energy saving, more environmental protection". He also pointed out that in terms of infrastructure construction, it is necessary to closely follow the national policy. With policy support and the cooperation of car companies, energy suppliers, consumers and other parties, we can achieve the national energy transformation. When distributed vehicles become part of the energy storage, the overall stability of the grid will be ensured. The market and users should choose the technical route, and play a guiding, supporting and serving role in infrastructure construction to ensure China's leading position in the field of new energy vehicles.