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New Year Greetings
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The old year is fading away,the New Year is coming, and everything starts anew.

Farewell to the unforgettable Year of the Rat. We usher into 2021, the year full of hope and challenges. On the arrival of the New Year, on behalf of the FTXT Energy, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks and sincere greetings to all our partners, followers, friends as well as all our colleagues and their families who provided us with generous help and support.

Looking back in 2020 we see that, despite the social situation was turbulent, the country only became stronger. COVID-19 outbreak has seriously threatened the humanity, brought a huge test to the development of the global economy, and various industries have suffered from unexpected heavy losses. Fortunately, every crisis is not only a period of challenges, but also a time for exploring great opportunities. Inspired by this paradigm, FTXT Energy has not stopped its pace of progress, rather, it has continued to strengthen investment in research and development, concentrated on attracting superior resources to anchor core technologies, took away the weakness, filled in the blanks, and reinforced its reliance on innovative technology development. This allowed us to successfully launch a number of new products including fuel cell engines and stacks, and core components of a high-pressure hydrogen storage system.

Looking forward to 2021, we see a new era begins. The collocation “hydrogen energy” has joined the ranks of other ones such as "carbon peaking", "carbon neutrality", "energy reform and transformation", "new energy", “clean energy”, "new ecology" and so on. Hydrogen has gained greater significance in 2020 thus encouraging aspiration towards national and global energy security and clean environment, and further promoting energy industry transformation. As an important breakthrough in the deployment of clean energy ecosystem, hydrogen fuel cell technology has recently attracted much attention. Hydrogen as a part of future internet of energy is of vital importance to China's "carbon neutrality" goal, and it is destined to become the key way for deep decarbonization programs in the fields of transportation, industry, construction and so on.

Many national governments and enterprises in Germany, Japan, USA, Australia and other countries have released their hydrogen industry support programs and national hydrogen strategies, and China does not stand aside. It has put forward a clear guidance on carbon emissions reduction and hydrogen energy application. The guidance now allows to pave the clear way to achieving national carbon emissions peaking by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060. With the new policies released in 2020, China now has a route to energy transformation, with hydrogen having its vibrant and indispensable place in it. With the momentum provided, hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology is poised to enter the stage of large-scale development and industrialization in 2021.

FTXT Energy is among a few Chinese companies striving to deliver key components for hydrogen industry for the sake of fulfilling its mission. At present, FTXT Energy is gradually ramping up the ability to carry out core technology development and product manufacturing. Facing major opportunities, challenges and severe tests, we are firmly confident that we can seize the precious opportunities in the progress of hydrogen energy industry, and have strong reserves and resources to cope with various challenges. We will keep adhering to the principle of green environment, actively respond to national policies and guidelines, continue to deepen the open cooperation model with the upstream and downstream partners within the value chain, strive to build a mutually beneficial and win-win supply chain ecosystem for independent brands, and accelerate the development of key components and core technology, promote the development of China's hydrogen energy and fuel cell automobile industry, and cooperate with colleagues and peers from all walks of life. Together we can create the world we truly want to live in!

FTXT Energy Technology Co., Ltd

Feb.9, 2021