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FTXT Hydrogen Powers the Dutch Racing Cars Fly Close to the Ground
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Recently, FTXT officially signed the cooperation agreement with the Forze Hydrogen Racing Team at Technische University Delft. FTXT will provide the deep vertical technical services and resources to help Forze Hydrogen Racing Team build the fastest hydrogen racing car in the world.


According to the agreement, FTXT will provide Forze Hydrogen Racing Team with full life cycle technical support for the racing fuel cell system's anode hydrogen cycle system, including core component ejector and gas-liquid separator design consulting, CFD fluid simulation, material selection, seal design, and prototyping.


As one of the self-owned brands in the field of hydrogen energy and fuel cell in China, FTXT is very fortunate to participate in the world racing cars. FTXT will contribute "Chinese wisdom" to the "heart" of the world's top hydrogen fuel cell racing, and help the ecological development of the world's automotive sports field.