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Is hydrogen Optional or Required to Achieve Carbon Neutrality?
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As a clean energy source, hydrogen energy will play a key role in China to achieve carbon neutrality under the national strategy of "CO2 emissions will reach peak by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060". With hydrogen energy as the fulcrum, the battle aimed at the "dual carbon target" has begun. Behind the hydrogen energy development wave, hydrogen energy industry still faces many challenges. 


The 8th Great Wall Motor Science and Technology Festival -- Carbon Neutrality Forum was held in Baoding on June 30. With the theme of "Leading low-carbon transformation and driving green energy strategy", hundreds of industry experts, scholars and media gathered to focus on the pain points, difficulties and opinions of the industry development. They jointly explore the future development of the industry. FTXT attended this year's Great Wall Motor Science and Technology Festival and played a leading role in the carbon neutrality forum.