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200 vehicles! The first batch of Changzheng Hydrogen Heavy-duty Trucks equipped with FTXT fuel cell systems have been delivered to HBIS
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Recently, the first batch of 20 "New Changzheng No.1" hydrogen heavy-duty trucks equipped with FTXT fuel cell systems have been delivered to HBIS Industrial Technology Co. Ltd (HBIS for short), and have been officially put into commercial operation in Tangshan port, which indicates that FTXT’s marketization is going to enter a full speed-up stage.

(Vehicle operation site)

The hydrogen energy heavy-duty truck demonstration operation project is jointly built by FTXT, Hebei Changzheng Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and HBIS, it plans to put into operation a total of 200 trucks, and the first batch is 20 vehicles. The heavy-duty truck has a load capacity of 49 tons, and the one-way transportation distance is about 100 kilometers. The project mainly serves the new energy transportation business of HBIS Group and its upstream and downstream customers, which will help HBIS Group build a green and recyclable industrial ecological transportation system, and finally form a large-scale model for the demonstration operation of hydrogen energy heavy-duty trucks. And it is of great significance to promote the integrated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei hydrogen energy industry and accelerate the demonstration, verification and large-scale application of hydrogen energy.

HBIS is one of the world's largest steel material manufacturing and comprehensive service enterprises, and is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading. Not long ago, HBIS was selected as one of the "Leading Enterprises" of China's industrial carbon peak with its practical achievements in green manufacturing, transformation and upgrading, hydrogen energy industry development and green steel supply chain.