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International leading: The mass hydrogen storage density of type IV hydrogen storage tank developed by FTXT has exceeded 6.1wt%
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Recently, the GEN 2 70MP-57L type IV hydrogen storage tank independently developed by FTXT has made a dramatic breakthrough,and its mass hydrogen storage density reaches 6.1wt%, exceeding around 5.5wt% of the target value set by the US Department of Energy (DOE) in 2025, and better than the similar products indicators of the current international market mainstream brands, reaching the world's leading level, which is mainly suitable for onboard hydrogen storage system of passenger FSV. 

At present, FTXT has completed the burning test, durability test, performance test, and other key tests. And the construction of the production line has come to an end, and the related work of "Three innovation tasks" reviewing is being promoted in an orderly way.

(Schematic diagram of the structure of a high-pressure hydrogen storage cylinder)


With the " bottleneck" technology as the breakthrough, FTXT focuses on the field of hydrogen energy storage and transportation and realizes this major scientific and innovative achievement right after the 70MPa hydrogen storage valve product, which shows that FTXT has possessed the design, development, and manufacturing capabilities of complete sets of key technologies and core components of the hydrogen storage system in the field of hydrogen storage technology from product development to application. 

(Schematic diagram of dry winding)