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First batch of 50 vehicles! Skywell hydrogen energy heavy duty truck equipped with FTXT’s products delivered to Jinxi Group
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Recently, the "Hydrogen energy heavy duty truck demonstration operation project" jointly carried out by FTXT, Dadaoxing (Tangshan) and Skywell held the first batch delivery ceremony and officially delivered the first batch to Jinxi Group.

This project, a sub-project of Qianxi new energy industrial cluster project, is jointly implemented by FTXT, Skywell, Dadaoxing (Tangshan), Jinxi Group and China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau. The overall plan is 200 vehicles, and the first 50 vehicles will be put into operation. The two core power systems (110kW high-power fuel cell engine, 1680L/40kg on-board hydrogen storage system) and key core components are independently developed and produced by FTXT. Simultaneously, vehicles with a control system have the features of low hydrogen consumption, high safety, high power, rapid energy replenishment, excellent low-temperature performance, long range, etc. It can adapt to a variety of complex conditions of long haul and heavy duty, and the emission is water, with zero pollution to the environment.

After delivery, the vehicle will be put into the logistics and transportation work of Jinxi Group, mainly responsible for the steel transportation of Jinxi Group to Caofeidian Port, and help the green transformation of logistics and transportation of Jinxi Group. Simultaneously, it will promote the zero breakthrough of long-haul transportation of new energy in Qianxi region, taking the first step of a new energy industry cluster project with an investment of more than 10 billion yuan, and laying a solid foundation for the continuous promotion of hydrogen-doped natural gas pipeline, high-pressure pure hydrogen transmission pipeline, hydrogen refueling station construction, hydrogen energy industry demonstration base, and other projects.

This is another important moment for FTXT 's industrial chain partners to jointly promote hydrogen energy heavy duty trucks and realize large-scale implementation, marking the acceleration of FTXT marketization process.