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Accelerate landing applications! The delivery ceremony of ChangZheng hydrogen energy heavy duty truck equipped with FTXT’s products was held
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On April 18, a glorious delivery event of ChangZheng hydrogen energy heavy duty truck was held in TianJin, jointly by FTXT Energy, IF YOU technology and NTS Group.

The 30 "New Changzheng No.1" hydrogen fuel cell heavy duty trucks delivered this time are equipped with the 110kW high-power fuel cell engine independently developed by FTXT and the two core power systems of 35MPa hydrogen storage system. They are featured in high power performance, high refueling speed, excellent low-temperature performance, high reliability and long haul per charge, etc. After refueling, it can achieve 500km full load endurance, and the average hydrogen consumption is less than 10kg/100km, which can meet the requirements of long-haul heavy duty trucks and other operating conditions. It will be used for the transportation of coal, coke, iron ore and other materials from NTS Group to Hangu Railway Station, Tianjin Port and other sections.

This is another substantive achievement of FTXT by cooperating with partners from industrial chain to jointly build market ecology and promote the application of hydrogen vehicles. It is also a demonstration of the three parties' joint efforts to boost up clean transportation of hydrogen energy and implant new green power into Tianjin's "Ecological Zone".

Mr.Xie Chaopeng, vice president of FTXT, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech.