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GWM-FTXT Delivered Keynote at 2024 World New Energy Vehicle Conference (CA Hydrogen Forum)
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On May 16th, the 2024 World New Energy Vehicle Conference  (CA Hydrogen Forum)took place in California. To advance further collaboration between China and the United States in the fields of clean energy and sustainable transportation, USA. Peter Bach, the Chief Technology Officer of the GWM-FTXT Canada branch, was invited to participate in the event and deliver a keynote speech titled "Hydrogen FC Industry Development in China & FTXT Solutions."

Peter Bach shared insights on the current status of China's hydrogen energy industry and the solutions provided by FTXT in the hydrogen and fuel cell sectors. He explained that FTXT, as the core entity under Great Wall Holding Group's hydrogen energy division, takes a global perspective and actively engages in the globalized layout of the hydrogen energy industry chain across "four countries and five regions." By focusing on hydrogen commercial vehicles, FTXT delves deeply into the core technologies, product innovation, development, and application of hydrogen energy and fuel cells. Through effective leadership, FTXT has successfully promoted the scaling and commercial development of China's hydrogen fuel cell commercial vehicles.

Peter Bach expressed FTXT's confidence in introducing products and solutions that are more tailored to customer needs in the international market. FTXT looks forward to establishing flexible business cooperation with overseas partners in hydrogen projects, technological development, product manufacturing, financial investment, and other aspects. In achieving mutual benefits through collaboration, FTXT aims to jointly propel the global hydrogen energy industry development and the transformation towards green, low-carbon energy sources.