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GWM-FTXT Exhibits at FCVC 2024 Drawing International Market Attention
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On June 4, 2024, the International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicle Conference and Exhibition (FCVC 2024) took place in Shanghai, China.

GWM-FTXT showcased a range of high-power fuel cell products on site, including 255kW and 120kW fuel cell engines, as well as a 300kW graphite plate stack, capturing significant interest from international market industry clients.

The next-generation flagship product from GWM-FTXT is the "120kW fuel cell system," designed for flexible integration into various types of hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles. It boasts high efficiency, reliability, and integration advantages, catering to the demanding operational environments of long-haul transportation.

Looking ahead, GWM-FTXT is positioning "long-haul heavy-duty capacity" as a primary application direction for hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles. Through the "liquid hydrogen + high-power fuel cell" solution, it aims to propel hydrogen vehicles into long-haul transportation, gradually extending its reach to sectors such as maritime transport, cogeneration, and energy storage.

Recently, GWM-FTXT initiated the "Hundred Vehicles, Ten Stations" project in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region of China. This project, in collaboration with industry chain partners, aims to further increase the deployment scale of hydrogen vehicles, supporting the development of China's hydrogen infrastructure and high-speed network.

GWM-FTXT has emerged as a prominent player in China's hydrogen sector, accelerating its expansion into the international market. It welcomes cooperation from global partners, investors, and clients to visit and discuss collaboration opportunities, fostering global green and sustainable development together.