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FTXT 100Kw Full Power “Single Ejector” Hydrogen Cycle was Successfully Installed
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As the "heart" of fuel cell vehicle, fuel cell engine is the main target of many enterprises. Thy hydrogen, just as the "blood" in our body. Whether hydrogen can circulate efficiently is the key to smooth power output. The hydrogen cycle module acts like a pacemaker, which is one of the key technologies for hydrogen fuel cell engines."


The top priority for China's hydrogen energy industry is to build a hydrogen technology research and development system. Forming our own hydrogen energy industry chain to promote the development of the overall hydrogen economy. From the technical point of view, the application research of FTXT in innovative ejector product indicates that China's core technology breakthrough in the key segment of fuel cell engine has exceeded the original goal. It also marks that FTXT has stepped up a new stage in the road of independent technology research.