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The First 70MPa Vehicle High Pressure Tank Valve is About To be Mass-Produced
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As we all know, the safety of hydrogen storage is always one of the keys for the promotion and application of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.


At present, high-pressure type hydrogen tank is the most commonly used. High-pressure type hydrogen tank is inseparable from the combined tank valve, whose performance is directly related to the normal operation of fuel cell and the use efficiency of hydrogen supply system. In particular, with the continuous acceleration of the commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and the increasing requirements of high-pressure hydrogen stortage technology. People are now cope with challenges to the design and manufacture technology of high pressure type hydrogen tank.


At present, there is still a big gap between the level of the domestic high-pressure type hydrogen valve tank field and the well-known brands. The mature products of 70MPa high-pressure type hydrogen valve tank have not yet appeared, and the technologies need to be improved.