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SFCV, Who will soon be 20, Having a Long Story About Hydrogen.
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On November 8, a grand event was held at the Hydrogen Port in Jiading, Shanghai. People from various government, experts, enterprises and investors gathered here for a technical seminar.


During this period, SFCV, the leading enterprise of the Hydrogen Port, also released the third generation of the company's latest research and development of the 100kW high-power fuel cell engine, named "Super-300E". And it led the domestic hydrogen fuel cell engine industry to move forward to the full power technology with 100% localization. In fact, since its establishment in 2001, SFCV has been dedicated to the field of hydrogen fuel cell engine for 18 years. The release of this new product can be described as the best gift for SFCV itself at the age of 18.

A detailed account of the growth process of SFCV since the age of 18 shows that it has a profound foundation. Now, it is driven by a series of positive factors at home and abroad.