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Let's go, hydrogen cars! FTXT Energy has been reported by many important CCTV programs
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From October 14 to 15, focusing on the development of the hydrogen energy automobile industry, a featured Subject entitled "Let's go! Hydrogen Energy Automobile” was reported by several trump card programs in CCTV financial channels such as "Economic Information Broadcast" and "The First Time". As one of the representative enterprises in the hydrogen fuel cell industry chain, FTXT Energy received high attention from CCTV.


The CCTV journalist visited the hydrogen energy industrial park of FTXT Energy and its subsidiary company – Shanghai Fuel Cell Vehicle Powertrain and during the report, and had an exclusive interview with Dr. Chen Xuesong, President of FTXT Energy. "In recent years, with the iteration of technology, the breakthrough in materials and scale benefits, the increasing demand is accelerating the production and sale of vehicles. The cost of hydrogen fuel cells is continuing to decline at a relatively fast rate, about 20% a year…” he remarked.


It is easy to see that the product and technology competitiveness of the whole industry in China has achieved the improvement of "quality" and the growth of "quantity through the interview with Dr. Chen Xuesong. The industry has been given the connotation of high quality and steady development which has strengthened the goal and confidence of the upward development of independent brands.