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FTXT completed round B financing of RMB 555 million
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On November 30, FTXT Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as FTXT Energy) officially completed round B financing of 555 million RMB.

Zhang Tianyu, Chairman of FTXT Energy, Mu Huijun, Vice President of FTXT Energy and Cui Tianyu, Rotating Assistant to the President and Technical Director were present. Representatives of various investors called to express their congratulations.


This round of financing will help FTXT Energy further accelerate the development and iteration of new technologies and products, build a global R&D system, attract high-end R&D talents, expand the scale of production capacity, and consolidate FTXT Energy's market position and ecological foundation in the field of hydrogen energy and fuel cells.

At the same time, FTXT Energy has started the B+ round of financing, and the IPO preparation work is also progressing steadily.

Previously, FTXT Energy had received RMB 900 million in round A financing in December 2021, jointly led by Cs Captical and PICC Capital, with a valuation of more than 4 billion, refreshing both the scale of round A financing and the valuation level of Chinese hydrogen fuel cell enterprises.

It took less than a year to complete the round B financing, and has been continuously increased by well-known investors. The increased investment of new and old shareholders fully reflects the capital market's optimism for the future of the hydrogen energy industry, which is sufficient to demonstrate the industry market's high recognition of FTXT Energy's deep commitment to independent research and development, continuous innovation and breakthroughs, and its potential and confidence in its future business development.