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The GWM-FTXT Marine Fuel Cell System Has Been Approved by the China Classification Society (CCS) and Has Been Equipped to Chinese Hydrogen-Powered Ships
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GWM-FTXT's independently developed marine fuel cell power generation system has been awarded the Certificate of Type Approval by the China Classification Society (CCS). This achievement follows GWM-FTXT's previous success with the marine liquid hydrogen supply system, marking another significant breakthrough in the key technology of hydrogen-powered vessels. This recognition demonstrates the increasing maturity of hydrogen application technology and further strengthens GWM-FTXT's foundation and market competitiveness in the field of hydrogen-powered ships, solidifying the potential of hydrogen energy in the maritime industry.

The GWM-FTXT marine fuel cell power generation system is designed with a "stacking" approach, encompassing technological advantages such as high integration, high energy conversion efficiency, and AI intelligent control. The system includes key materials that are highly resistant to corrosion and moisture, making it suitable for a wide range of vessel types, including yachts, ferries, high-speed boats, crew transport vessels, pilot boats, mooring operation vessels, anchor handling vessels as well as inland waterways and Marine operating environments. Currently, it has been successfully integrated into the "Lihu Lake Future," a hydrogen-powered vessel for transportation, and is expected to be the first hydrogen-powered ship in China to obtain CCS classification upon completion and delivery.

In the future, GWM-FTXT will continue to deepen its expertise in the field of hydrogen energy storage and transportation, continuously exploring diverse and forward-looking technologies, and accelerating the implementation of hydrogen-powered vessels in various scenarios. It actively contributes to the global maritime industry's green transformation and low-carbon development.