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The GWM-FTXT Fuel Cell Engine Has Been Honored with the Trustworthy Award by Chinese Truck Users for the Year 2024
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On January 18th, following six months of user surveys and recommendations, the GWM-FTXT 110kW commercial vehicle hydrogen fuel cell engine, distinguished by outstanding product performance and market presence, has been bestowed with the " Trustworthy Hydrogen Fuel Cell Engine of the Year 2024 " award by China's authoritative media, China Truck Net. This once again reflects the end users' high recognition and trust in the comprehensive brand strength of GWM-FTXT in the Chinese commercial vehicle market.

The GWM-FTXT 110kW commercial vehicle hydrogen fuel cell engine, characterized by high integration, long lifespan, low hydrogen consumption, minimal noise, and rapid dynamic response, possesses advantages that cater to various demanding scenarios. It is capable of meeting the high-performance requirements during the -30°C cold start of the vehicle, as well as the diverse demands of heavy-duty trucks in extended-range and high payload situations. Moreover, it offers personalized design options based on the specific application needs of different customer vehicle models.

Presently, this product has been equipped in various vehicle models of renowned Chinese brands such as Changzheng, FAW Jiefang, and Yutong. Nearly a thousand units of commercial vehicles have been deployed in the Chinese market, creating multiple applications in the logistics transportation and public transportation sectors.

With a global perspective, GWM-FTXT will steadfastly anchor itself in the customer application demands. It will continue to enhance efforts in crucial hydrogen technology research and development, as well as lead the way in demonstrating the applications of hydrogen energy. The aim is to provide customers worldwide with more cost-effective hydrogen energy products and solutions, thereby contributing to the realization of green value through emissions reduction. This effort will drive the acceleration of the scale and commercialization of hydrogen-powered vehicles.