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GWM-FTXT Has Been Honored with the "2023 ESG Pioneer Enterprise Award"
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The 13th Philanthropy Festival & the 2023 ESG Summit were held in Beijing, China. GWM-FTXT, by deeply integrating ESG principles with its business operations, actively commits to carbon reduction, strives to promote the development of the hydrogen energy industry, and exemplifies the application of hydrogen-powered vehicles. These efforts significantly contribute to the advancement of sustainable development and value creation for a green society.  As a result, GWM-FTXT, highly recognized within the industry, has been honored with the esteemed "2023 ESG Pioneer Enterprise Award," and has received an invitation to deliver a live presentation speech.

Presently, GWM-FTXT has issued China's first independent ESG report within the hydrogen fuel cell industry, establishing a comprehensive ESG management framework from top to bottom.  This framework actively integrates green ESG principles into corporate strategic management and cultural development, incessantly focusing on internal decarbonization and self-cycle. Simultaneously, through practical actions, GWM-FTXT propels upstream and downstream partners, as well as the entire hydrogen energy industry and supply chain, towards a substantial decarbonization cycle.

GWM-FTXT is committed to becoming the world's leading hydrogen energy comprehensive service provider. It is willing to take ESG as a crucial guiding principle for sustainable development and work with ESG pioneers to jointly promote the sustainable and long-term development of the global environment, energy, and economy.