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The Application of Hydrogen Energy is Being Extended to an Increasing Number of Scenarios, and GWM-FTXT is Set to Introduce a Series of Hydrogen-Powered Sanitation Vehicles
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On January 26th, GWM-FTXT officially launched its hydrogen-powered sanitation vehicle models and signed an order with a Chinese sanitation enterprise. This marked the launch of "China's first hundred-scale hydrogen energy sanitation vehicles project." The objective of this project is to promote hydrogen-powered sanitation vehicles in Baoding, China. The project includes a range of vehicles such as hydrogen-powered cleaning vehicles, hydrogen-powered water-spraying vehicles, and hydrogen-powered sweeping vehicles. These vehicles will be utilized in various domains such as ground cleaning, waste collection, and urban pipeline maintenance.

The project plans to promote 200 hydrogen-powered sanitation vehicles in 2024, followed by an increase to 300 vehicles in 2025. By 2026, the goal is to achieve a significant promotion of 1000 hydrogen-powered sanitation vehicles. Additionally, the implementation of mobile air purifiers in cities will serve as a catalyst for the green and low-carbon transformation of the sanitation industry.

The continuous introduction of the GWM-FTXT hydrogen-powered sanitation vehicle models will further enhance the industry's influence within the field of hydrogen and fuel cell fields. Furthermore, it will also drive the diversified application and large-scale development of hydrogen-powered vehicles in China.