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Worldwide Distributors Conference | GWM-FTXT Hydrogen Achievements Attract Attention from Overseas Customers
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On April 23-24, 2024, the GWM Global Distributors Conference took place in Baoding, China, with around 1,000 attendees including overseas customers from countries and regions such as Europe, Asia, Australia, the GCC, North Africa, South Africa, Latin America, and ASEAN.

FTXT Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as GWM-FTXT) serves as the main carrier of GWM's hydrogen energy strategic business. Focusing on international cooperation and business exchanges in hydrogen projects, the company shared its hydrogen industry layout, solutions, innovations, and application achievements with global partners.

At the event, GWM-FTXT showcased high-power fuel cell engines, stacks, membrane electrodes, 70MPa Type IV hydrogen storage cylinders, and hydrogen valves, among other core components. These products boast key parameters and performance indicators at the forefront of international standards, offering customizable development according to customer needs. They are capable of mass production and have been successfully applied in land transportation, maritime shipping, and are gradually expanding into combined heat and power, energy storage, industrial, and construction sectors.

GWM-FTXT also exhibited a variety of hydrogen commercial vehicle models, including heavy-duty trucks, light-duty trucks, buses, and dump trucks, garnering high recognition and cooperation interest from numerous overseas distributors.

Currently, GWM-FTXT is accelerating its expansion into the international market. The company has signed strategic cooperation agreements with hydrogen industry partners, research institutions, and universities in countries such as Brazil, Canada, and Italy, aiming to leverage its application experience in the Chinese market to promote the global energy structure and green transportation transformation.

GWM-FTXT is openly recruiting partners worldwide to collaborate on hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, technical innovations, talent development, hydrogen project investments and developments, platform construction, and international business cooperation in hydrogen applications (hydrogen vehicles, ships, heating, power supply, energy storage, etc.). Interested parties are welcome to contact GWM-FTXT to join hands in driving global green transformation and achieving mutual success.