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About FTXT Energy

FTXT Energy is an international high-tech company focused on the field of hydrogen energy, committed to providing customers with efficient and reliable comprehensive solutions for hydrogen power systems, enabling the construction of the entire hydrogen energy industry chain, and promoting to achieve a green and zero carbon future.

  • 2019
  • 722 Million RMB
    Registered Capital
  • 5
    R&D centers
  • 800 +

Three Technical Platforms

  • Hydrogen Engine
    Hydrogen Engine
    FTXT is oriented to the whole industry, all fields, and full scenarios and provides customers with customized high quality, high performance, low cost, hydrogen fuel cell system integrated solutions with its kW-MW level products and system design, research and development, and manufacturing capabilities.
  • Hydrogen Stack
    Hydrogen Stack
    For end applications, we provide customized services for design, development, production and application of hydrogen fuel cell stacks and core components based on industry customer needs. We have a platform-based development model, scalable supporting capabilities, and support system integration.
  • Hydrogen Power
    Hydrogen Power
    Based on new hydrogen storage technology that is safe, efficient, convenient and economical, we provide comprehensive service solutions for the development of hydrogen storage systems, core components and related product applications, promoting the large-scale implementation of hydrogen energy storage and transportation.