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Business Model
Business Model

Science and technology-based, deep cultivation of hydrogen energy industry; Innovation of the whole industry chain, leading the ecological future!

Industrial cooperation to build supply ecology

Based on the "digital intelligence" platform service, FTXT deeply explores the value of supply chain, deeply researches "link" service, improves the support and driving ability of industrial chain and supply chain, and builds a new supply chain system that is safe and controllable, more resilient, sustainable and integrated.

  • Establish an industry alliance
    FTXT plays the role of the core enterprise and builds the industry quality alliance together with the core suppliers to improve the quality of the industry products and the ability to adapt to the market demand.
  • Establish research and development mechanism
    FTXT establishes a deep collaborative, efficient and consistent R&D mechanism to jointly solve the application difficulties and problems in the industry.
  • Set up response mechanism
    FTXT output R&D capabilities and detection capabilities, to jointly build a response mechanism for industry problems, and improve the speed of technology iteration.