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Energy Storage Application Solutions
FTXT is committed to providing customers with high-quality, cost-effective comprehensive solutions for hydrogen power systems, and has established long-term strategic cooperative relations with many well-known enterprises in the whole industrial chain.
Energy Storage Application Solutions
It provides comprehensive service solutions of new modular products and technologies of hydrogen energy storage with output power of more than 500kW.
Energy storage application solutions with high market superiority

It can satisfy the output power demand of 500kW-5MW, and has the characteristics of high energy conversion efficiency, low cost and non-pollution. It provides support for energy storage projects such as wind power, photoelectric power and hydropower.

Hydrogen energy storage superiority

It can meet the requirement of more than 5MW output power and has the characteristics of high energy conversion efficiency, low cost and non-pollution, providing support for large-scale energy storage projects.

Energy storage application solutions with high market superiority
Hydrogen energy storage superiority
  • ≥51%

    The big data prediction intelligent energy management and control technology under advanced power generation condition improves hydrogen utilization rate and power generation efficiency of the system. The rated power generation efficiency is more than 51%, and the comprehensive energy utilization rate is more than 95%.

  • ≥640kW

    Modular design of power generation unit and electrical unit can be expanded to achieve megawatt-level power generation. Industrial components are used, and the unified supply of hydrogen, air and water is provided. The application scenarios cover distributed power generation, data service center, and peak load and frequency regulation of power grid.

  • on-grid is available

    Combined with renewable energy power generation, dynamic capacity expansion, peak load and frequency regulation, it can support on-grid and output electric energy with reserved heat supply interface.

Join hands with industrial partners to empower energy saving and emission reduction
Applications :
A stationary hydrogen fuel cell power station in Europe

FTXT Energy provides a clean energy solution for 500kW~1MW hydrogen fuel cell power generation, which solves the power source problem of charging stations in some surrounding areas, alleviates the pressure on electric vehicle main charging, realizes convenient and rapid charging network expansion, and frees itself from dependence on large fuel generator devices.