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GWM-FTXT Won the "Golden Tripod Award" in the Hydrogen Energy Industry
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Recently, FTXT, with its achievements in product innovation research and development, application demonstration implementation, and ecological operational business models, is on the list of the "Golden Tripod Award" in the Chinese hydrogen energy industry.

The company has been recognized as the "Annual Outstanding Fuel Cell / Stack Enterprise," once again highlighting FTXT's technological accumulation and innovative strength in the fields of hydrogen and fuel cells.

As pioneers and practitioners in the hydrogen and fuel cell industry, FTXT consistently adheres to independent innovation research and development. The company has achieved independent research and development and large-scale production capabilities for a complete "hydrogen power system" and core components. Moreover, in response to the demands for commercial hydrogen vehicles in heavy-duty and long-distance transportation applications, FTXT has successfully developed 255+ kW metal stacks and 300+ kW graphite stacks. These advancements have effectively propelled the transition of hydrogen heavy-duty trucks from short to long-distance transportation.

Presently, FTXT's fuel cells/stacks have been equipped with various hydrogen vehicle models, including hydrogen heavy-duty trucks, hydrogen buses, hydrogen wing trucks, hydrogen car carriers, and hydrogen-powered sanitation vehicles, which are operational in the Chinese market. The company has established numerous benchmark demonstration projects and is actively recruiting partners globally, steadily advancing towards the international market.